Q: How much does MYPS cost?

A: Since every MYPS installation is customized, pricing is determined after a review of the CMR's requirements.

Q: Is MYPSnet part of the MYPS system?

A: MYPSnet is an additional module available exclusively for MYPS clientele. It is fully integrated with MYPS so that CMR's never have to go outside of the MYPS system to work with their clients!

Q: How long does it take to convert from our current system to MYPS?

A: It depends on the size of the CMR's operation and which vendor they are currently using. Conversion timelines range from a few weeks to three or four months.

Q: What is the process of converting?

A: MYPS recognizes that this software is the "life blood" of a CMR's operations, and it's one that is taken very seriously. Having over 50 clients, MYPS has developed a ten-step process for converting CMRs to the MYPS system. The following steps constitute the conversion process, although each CMR is handled on a case-by-case basis and changes are made where and when appropriate:
Step 1: Onsite visit by our programmers to review each advertiser's program
Step 2: MYPS presentation to the CMR on a customization plan of the MYPS system to meet the current and anticipated needs of each client. This step includes screenshots and sample reports and is followed by approval/sign-off by CMR.
Step3: Data cut: MYPS receives a copy of the CMR's data for integration into MYPS.
Step 4: MYPS training for CMR (Done onsite when applicable)
Step 5: 1st Data cut review with CMR which includes finished customization presentation.
Step 6: 2nd data cut received by MYPS for final implementation.
Step 7: 2nd training session of MYPS software for CMR.
Step 8: CMR sign-off of all data integration in MYPS software. This includes a review of all reports, order processes, billing and other applicable items.
Step 9: Parallel period (optional)
Step 10: Go Live.

Q: Can our account manager work from home?

A: Yes. In fact, through various options, MYPS users can work from anywhere in the world. Many of our clients have offices (including home offices) throughout the country and are fully MYPS-enabled. Additionally, MYPSnet offers increased flexibility for sales people and managers that need to review accounts, and work with clients, but do not need to key any orders or make actual changes.

Q: Can MYPS prepare orders automatically from recommendations?

A: Yes. And MYPS will also help you create recommendations as well.

Q: How did MYPS get started and how long have you been providing software solutions in the CMR community?

A: MYPS was actually started by a CMR, American Yellow Page Network (AYPN) over 10 years ago as an in-house solution. Being a Macintosh shop, AYPN developed what was then called Macintosh Yellow Page System. Several CMR's learned of the software's ease of use and asked to purchase it. Eventually, CMR's approached AYPN to build a Microsoft Windows version, and with that MYPS was born - and now stands for Multi-tasking Yellow Pages System. In 2004, MYPS separated from AYPN into MYPS, Inc.

Q: How has MYPS grown as a software program?

A: One of the great things about the MYPS software is that it has grown in size and scope as a result of requests received by CMR's. Literally thousands of requests have come in over the years, helping MYPS cater to its industry.

Q: What are your hours of operation for technical support?

A: Regular technical support hours are from 6:00am to 5:00pm PST, and we have technical support offices in Oregon, New York, and Maryland. We also offer afterhours technical support in case of emergencies to all of our clients.

Q: How do I go about setting up a presentation or learning more about MYPS?

A: Call 1-877-ASK-MYPS!



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