Now your clients can access their Yellow Page advertising on the World Wide Web!

MYPSnet works with MYPS so that you can work as you do now, but your clients can see their data on the Web. MYPSnet collects changes and reports you send from MYPS and puts them in its own separate database at intervals you specify, so the clients never change your data.

MYPSnet provides your clients with access to their Yellow Page programs allowing them to request changes, view artwork, and approve orders—all online.

MYPSnet works with MYPS Clients/Regions/Distributors/Locations so your clients only see the appropriate level of data that you have determined. And MYPSnet allows simultaneous access at all four levels.



Reports Available Include:

  • CMR Info with your data
  • Account Info: Client, Regions, Distributors & Locations Pages as appropriate to their log in, with their data
  • Current Program: a summary of all their current orders
  • Current Closes: a summary of all orders you have flagged as ready for approval through one month after close
  • A page for each Order including directory information such as dates, coverage, basic demographics and item descriptions. They can approve orders here as well as see display art and shared item costs.
  • White Pages: a summary and a page for each order
  • Location Cost Analysis: similar to the reports in MYPS
  • By Heading Report: breaks down the cost of their current program by heading
  • Budget the report from MYPS

For more information call
877-ASK-MYPS ext 4 (877-275-6977)



Features to Work with MYPSnet

  • Enable/Disable Accounts for the MYPSnet site
  • Set User Passwords to control client access
  • Set Up Art Files to display advertiser’s artwork on MYPSnet
  • Order Approval: receive approved orders via MYPSnet
  • Incoming Action Items process client requests from the MYPSnet site
  • Create “By Heading Page”
  • Pending Updates shows items that are ready to go to MYPSnet  


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