MYPS was founded by a CMR, American Yellow Page Network (AYPN) over 10 years ago as an in-house solution. Being a Macintosh shop, AYPN developed what was then called the Mac Yellow Page System. Several CMRs learned of the software's ease of use and asked to purchase it. Eventually, CMRs approached AYPN to build a Microsoft Windows version, and with that MYPS was born - and now stands for Multi-task Yellow Page Solutions.

MYPS, Inc. now stands as its own entity, poised to handle the ever-changing technology needs of the Yellow Page Community.

The culture of MYPS has evolved over the years, and can now be summed up as follows: MYPS is not a great software company with customer service - MYPS is a great CUSTOMER SERVICE company with great software. The attitude and approach by every employee at MYPS reflects this philosophy. We spend a great deal of time on the phone or meeting with our clients and brainstorming on how they (the CMR) can best service their advertisers. This works because the owners and all of senior management have either owned a CMR or have worked for one prior to working for MYPS. It is part of the value-added services we provide our clientele.


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