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Powered by Oracle, MYPS is a windows-based system that offers unparalleled ease of use and power in a single package. With over 50 CMRs using MYPS today, it has become the software solution of choice in the CMR community. MYPS offers:

  • Fully-customizable System
  • Global Order Edit Functionality
  • Remote User Capabilities via LAN, WAN, or Internet
  • Thousands of Reporting Options for Clients, Directories, Orders, and Billing
  • Full Billing System that can Interface with Accounting Packages
  • Current and Aging Receivables, Projected Revenue and Liability Reporting
  • On-site Training with Complete Software Documentation


There are only three ways a company can increase revenues: Improve efficiencies, reduce attrition, or acquire new clients…and MYPSnet helps you with all three! By allowing your clients and advertisers to have access to their yellow page programs online, you can:

  • Drastically Reduce Postage
  • Reduce Long-distance Bills
  • Reduce Errors
  • Streamline Processes
  • Increase the Number of Accounts to Personnel Work Ratio
  • Participate in RFP's where Being "Online" is a Requirement
  • Strengthen Client Relationships
  • Improve their Ability to Compete for New Accounts

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